Editorial Note from Aja:

I always try to let my professional work speak for itself. That means that I typically don’t comment on my articles after the fact, except to clarify any misunderstandings, make corrections, and/or communicate updates.

That said, I strive to address concerns with my articles and with my editors, even if I don’t do so publicly.

You can always email me at Vox at aja.romano at vox dot com, or at my personal email, aja.romano at gmail.

If you aren’t comfortable bringing a concern about my reporting to me directly for any reason, I invite you to please always bring them to Vox’s culture editor. Thank you!


Other Writing!

Aja writes a lot of fanfic but sometimes does original stuff as well. Some stuff they are proud of:



You might know Aja from fandom. They’re best known for their time in Harry Potter, various anime, and Inception fandoms.

Aja’s fandom cred includes co-creating the Big Bang challenge, creating and running lots of fan communities, and writing lots of fanfic. 

 In 2007, LiveJournal staff selected Aja’s LJ for inclusion in its 10th-anniversary commemorative book, as “an example of fandom at its best.”