Editorial Note from Aja:

A principle to which I hew very closely is that I always try to let my professional work speak for itself. That means that I typically don’t comment on my articles after the fact, except to clarify any misunderstandings, make corrections, and/or communicate updates.

That said, I want readers to always raise any concerns they might have about my reporting! I always strive to address any such concerns in my articles and with my editors, even if I don’t do so publicly.

You can always email me at Vox at aja.romano at vox dot com, or at my personal email, aja.romano at gmail.

If you aren’t comfortable bringing a concern about my reporting to me directly for any reason, I invite you to please always bring them to Vox’s culture editor. Thank you!


Other Writing!

Aja writes a lot of fanfic but sometimes does original stuff as well. Some stuff they are proud of:



You might know Aja as bookshop in fandom. That’s still their handle just about everywhere. They’re best known for their time in Harry Potter, various anime, and Inception fandoms.

Aja’s fan cred includes co-creating the Big Bang challenge, creating and running lots of fan communities, and writing lots of fanfic. 

 In 2007, LiveJournal staff selected Aja’s LJ for inclusion in its 10th-anniversary commemorative book, as “an example of fandom at its best.”